We are a premier woodworking shop serving the greater Detroit area and beyond. We invite you to view a showcase of our work, explore the services we offer and contact us for a free quote.

Our Expertise

We are well known for our inset door and drawer cabinetry, the kind of cabinet in which the doors and drawers fit within the face frame of the cabinet and the doors are hung on butt hinges. The inset method was the most common way of making cabinets until about the end of World War II. Now, however, inset cabinetry is rarely made because of the labor involved and the lack of experienced technicians to do the work.

Skill & Versatility

Arts & Crafts and Mission-inspired cabinets and woodworking are particular favorites of ours. We are, however, also well schooled in modern and contemporary furniture design and repair, and offer remakes of some modern furniture designs.

We make handmade and finished solid wood doors featuring custom stained glass work, full-mortise lock sets, and spring-bronze weather stripping. We make doors like they used to.

We have extensive background in residential restoration projects and restoration and repair of furniture and antique lighting. Some already-restored pieces are available for sale on our website.

Additionally, we have thirty-one years of experience in custom stained glass work, stained glass restoration and repair.